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What is Music?
Dictionaries and encyclopedias define music as "an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner." It is also defined as "any pleasing and harmonious sound" and "the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments."
There are a lot of definitions for music and it will take a whole book to explore the subject of music. If there is one true definition of music it is this; music is universal and yet it is also relative and subjective. What may be music to one may not be so to another.

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School's in with Teach Me Bass Guitar

Hey, Mom and Dad. Now that the kids are back in school, they're going to be deciding what teams to join, what school clubs they'd like to try and... wait! Your daughter wants to learn to play the bass guitar? That's great. It's not great? What's wrong?
As it turns out, the music classes at her new school are crowded and currently only offering piano or acoustic guitar. This young lady's been a fan of the bass since she heard her first thunderstorm and curls her nose up at the idea of strapping on a heavy piano every day for practice. Hee, hee. Um... and she's never really cared to learn six-string guitar. You've looked into private lessons for her, but the one guy teaching bass guitar in her town offers only one lesson per week.
Once per week?
Sure. Each class consists of a particular musical topic, and the teacher will have her go through the theory and then the actual playing of the material. At the end of the lesson, he will give her hand-outs and study charts, and she will work on it until they met the following week.
So, what happens if she doesn't understand something and needs a helping hand between lessons? What if her lesson is Friday after school and she has to stay for detention for spray painting a picture of Flea on the bathroom wall? (it could happen) Whatever the reason, if this young student misses a lesson, or needs supplemental help, private lessons that hang on someone else's time schedule might not be right for her; she might give up her dream to play the bass! And that's no good.
Hey, Mom and Dad, why not look into Roy Vogt's Teach Me Bass Guitar? http://www.teachmebassguitar.com?AFFID=92746
Listen as Ashley tells you what's in store for your young musician!

With TMBG, your daughter can study every day, at any time of day; when she's ready to learn, Roy is always ready to teach. Your daughter won't miss a lesson, even if she has to stay for detention!

The Benefits of Music

Research shows that kids who are actively involved in making music, singing or playing ,do better in reading and maths at school. They focus better, have a higher self- esteem and play with their peers better. Musical experiences help create pathways for the sensory cells development in the brain and while listening, helps open the doors to these pathways. The strongest connections are made when they actively participate. Preschoolers start by singing favorite nursery rhymes like "happy Birthday" making up words to eventually completing the song.
Explore sounds with your child, see if they can keep a steady beat and encourage them to listen to the music. Get them to tap in time to their favourite nursery rhymes. Dance with your child to the music, choose diferent tempos get them to copy you.

Toys to Promote Music -

Many children have so many toys that they don't know what to do with them all. Many get forgotten at the bottom of the toy box or just get overlooked and don't hold their interest. Consider the educational value when choosing a toy and how it would effect their world. Musical instrument toys is a great way to inroduce music at a young age and can be found at reasonable prices.

Why introduce kids to music -

Infants are more content and sleep better when they are sung to. Mothers are usually a childs first introduction to music and just the act of singing to their child can enhance the bond between them. Music is an emotional outlet and can relieve stress. Teenagers see music as their social magnet, building acceptance and tolerance for people of different ages and cultural back grounds. In the senior years, it is beneficial in dealing with alzehmers and parkensons disease as it helps to stimulate the mind and keep it sharp.